Synagogue Leadership Initiative

Transforming Synagogues…Building Community…Creating a Dynamic Jewish Future

SLI’s goal is to help synagogues meet the spiritual, educational, and social needs and interests of their congregates now and in the future.


Two years ago we launched SynagogueNext as a way to build the synagogue for the future—looking at alternative models of affiliation, religious school and trends in synagogue life. This year we will launch SynagogueNow to focus on innovative and time–honored to focus on membership retention and techniques.

Affinity Groups:

Rabbis, Executive Directors / Administrators and Education Directors​


Rabbis: SLI hosts a Rabbinic Retreat every year and other programming throughout the year exclusively for rabbis. 


Executive Directors/Administrators: SLI convenes the Executive Directors /Administrators group every six weeks as a way of improving skills in synagogue management and networking.


Education Directors:The Religious School Education Directors meet every six weeks to discuss innovation and trends in religious school education.  |  201-820-3941​

Capacity – Building Workshops

SLI offers hands-on learning laboratories for synagogue leaders, both lay and professional, to aid them in their work. The workshops give leaders an opportunity to develop and share important skills on synagogue management, governance and leadership development.  |  201-820–3914

Synagogue Consultation

SLI staff will consult, by request, with leaders of a congregation, and explore and help resolve issues and challenges specific to its membership. Some of the issues on which SLI will consult on may include, but are not limited to:

     • Change Initiatives
     • Mergers and Collaborations Facilitation
     • Board Leadership Development and Succession Planning
     • Synagogue Staffing Structure and Relationships
     • Synagogue Operations
     • Membership Development
     • Finance and Budgeting  |  201-820-3941