Strengthening Education for the Future of our Community!

Part of our Synagogue Leadership Initiative, Jewish Education Services provides professional development opportunities for teachers and educators who work for Jewish congregational schools, early childhood centers and Jewish day schools. The teachers who participate in our programs learn how to provide quality Jewish education for our community.

Early Childhood Programs

Choosing the RIGHT Preschool Matters!

Find High Quality Early Childhood Education in Your Neighborhood.


Jewish Educational Services partners with Shalom Baby to host a yearly Early Childhood Fair. Additionally, we provide promotional materials for Jewish early childhood programs in order to expand their profiles.


Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Hebrew?​ Or maybe you want to build on what language skills you already have? Federation’s Ulpan instructors are ready to help! They use the highly praised Israeli Ulpan Method to teach and improve Hebrew language skills, including conversation, comprehension, reading and writing.


Courses are taught at all levels in small, interactive classes. The course textbook is called “Hebrew from Scratch” (parts 1 and 2). Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how to communicate in the language of our people. Contact Joyce Greenberg at 201-820-3907 or


Grinspoon Award
Recognizing educators who make a lasting impact on the lives of Jewish children. Nominate an innovative 1st - 12th grade Day School Teacher. The winner will receive a monetary award for professional development.


Working collaboratively with day schools to pool resources to impact the entire day school community.


Jewish Educational Services
Provides professional development opportunities for educators who work for Jewish congregational schools, early childhood centers and Jewish day schools. 


Principals’ Council
Convened by the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey the Principals’ Council offers an opportunity for Principals of our synagogue based religious schools to explore hot topics relating to their work. Areas such as innovation, technology, blended learning, resources and more are explored.

For more information regarding the Principals’ Council contact 
Sarah David  |  201-820-3902
For several years Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey offered opportunities to synagogue-based religious school directors serving schools in northern New Jersey, to participate in the acclaimed JETS (Jerusalem ed. Tech Solutions) Training. JETS is an online program that shows teachers how to integrate technology into the classroom. 

To find out more about JETS, contact Sarah David  |  201-820-3902  |


Teachers’ Center
The Teachers’ Center offers teaching materials, curriculum development ideas, textbooks, videos, laminating services, templates, games, and other creative classroom resources.

To schedule a visit contact Sarah David  |  201-820-3902