Stand Up with Israel

Advocating for peace and security for Israel through education, information and community action.

  • Advocating for a Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship to our elected representatives
  • Building and sustaining support for Israel in the non-Jewish community
  • Ensuring that media coverage of the Middle East is fair and accurate
  • Educating, organizing and energizing the Jewish community                 


Building Allies for Israel

The JCRC is engaging upon a new initiative through a grant made possible by the JCPA/JFNA Israel Action Network. The pilot project entitled "Building Allies for Israel" will engage in programatic initiatives with the African American, Korean, and Mainline Protestant communities in efforts to combat assaults on Israel's legitimacy.

Hope for Peace in the Middle East:  Understanding Israel

Understanding Israel is a video presentation that offers a broad survey of contemporary Israel while also providing a deeper understanding of both the country and the general Middle East conflict.  It has been especially developed for a general audience, such as non-Jewish religious and civic groups. The video was developed by the JCRC in order to promote a deeper understanding of the conflict in the Middle East from a Jewish perspective. If you are interested in being trained to present this program in the community or would like to book this presentation for you synagogue, school, or other group, please contact Joy Kurland at 201-820-3946 or Click here to download brochure

Be an Advocate for Israel

When you hear an inaccurate news story about Israel, or an example of unfair coverage, call the radio talk shows to protest, write letters to the editor, speak out in chat rooms. Send faxes. Make phone calls. Respond to Op-Ed articles. When you hear a news report in which the reporter makes a moral equivalency of Palestinian terrorists to victims of terrorism, object strongly.  Sign up here to become an advocate.