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Jewish Federation – Wellness Network event

May 6, 2021 : 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

How can mindfulness help us shift our mindset? 

How do we help our children shift from a social distanced life to spending more time together? As we transition back to more in person experiences, how do we balance our fears with our desire to return to normal? 

From the soccer field to the camp bus, let’s learn strategies to help our kids participate in a calm and mindful way. 

This workshop will introduce you to many helpful strategies and techniques that can help you make sense of and adapt to the “new normal.” Try on a new perspective with mindset shifts to make the most of each moment, especially during this time of topsy-turvy challenges. You will have opportunities to reflect on your current coping skills and consider some new approaches.

This session is geared toward families with elementary and middle school aged children


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